This is a book I've needed my entire life! So do you... The strategies aren't scripts or mind control. They are battle-tested approaches to high-stakes situations. What if you couldn't settle for a smaller raise? What if you can't afford the price of your dream house. This book helps you negotiate with confidence. You don't always win, but you win more often. It's worth noting that I practice these strategies at Chipotle, with big-time litigators, and even with my kids. 

In Never Split the Difference, Voss moves beyond conventional negotiation methods. He reveals the power of "no", the art of "mirroring", and the potential of open-ended questions. These are field-tested techniques that have proven their effectiveness in life-or-death scenarios.

Whether you're aiming to enhance your negotiation skills in business, striving to achieve better agreements in personal relationships, or seeking the best deal in any situation, "Never Split the Difference" offers a wealth of practical insights and tactics. Voss' book brings the intense world of FBI hostage negotiation into your life, enabling you to get the best from every discussion or dispute. #ad